Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Salon Evening

I've just returned from a unique shared artists' gathering here in Brooklyn at a friend's loft painting studio. It was billed as a 'salon' event whereby different artists from different medium's come together to share and sound out work. I was surrounded by several writers sounding some really introspective 'works in progress' as well poetry. I performed two looping sequences and added some ambiance guitaristics to the words. Abstract painter/sculpturer Fred Bendheim was the curator and host for the evening. Some video coming soon...

Other recent happenings, Sunday Morning at 11 featured Chinapainting bandmate Daryl Shawn and myself in a live webcast. Chinapainting is an acoustic instrumental/cassette tape looping duo doing improvisational World inspired music.

I have a special recording with saxophonist/multi-instrumentalist Peter Thorn in the making and coming soon, Sharps...

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