Thursday, December 17, 2009

'Dig It Signal' and Nosferatu

Since early October a new ensemble project I've been pleased to be part of has been evolving from it's initial core duo that began from a friendship with saxophonist/fretless guitarist/nykleharpist Peter Thorn of Sweden, became a trio with another friend and fellow musician of several years, electronic drummer Ray Istorico of Florida and recently arrived to what appears to be it's full evolution now as quartet with another friend and fellow artist, member of the eclectic experimental music community Loopers-Delight, guitarist/electonicist Jeff Duke also of Florida, and is now officially dubbed, 'Dig It Signal'.

This virtual 'band' now with 4 web based live performances to it's name connects from individual locales thousands of miles apart and interacts like we were in the same room through a miraculous piece of audio streaming software NinJam. Our combined audio output then fed to the broadcast streaming channels, and more recently, combined with video imagery ranging from the photo/video manipulations of Emile Tobenfeld to the recent cast where 'Dig It Signal' performed to the footage of the 1922 silent Brian Stoker adaptation of Dracula, Nosferatu. This cast our strongest yet can be experienced at