Friday, July 17, 2009

My collaborative acoustic guitar/tape looping duo with guitarist/looper/improvisational artist Daryl Shawn, Chinapainting has been together for a short group of performances this July. We were honored to be invited to perform recently in Cleveland at the cities Ingenuity Fest, an arts festival celebrating musical performance, theatrical performance, visual and aural art. We did two shows, these our first playing together in many months and as always now after working with Daryl it's like each time we just pick up where we left off in terms of our interaction. We get together live 2 to 3 times a year and do mini tours generally in the NY area and the west coast as well. In between we sometimes play live via a software called NinJam that allows us to send/receive real time audio over the Net. Here's a clip from the second Ingenuity set.

In this round of shows Chinapainting gets together two more times, both on Sunday, July 19th, the first with a live webcast as a special episode of my ustream show Sunday Morning at 11. Due to scheduling the Chinapaintinig ustream will occur at 3:30pm EST (12:30 PST, 1:30 MST, 2:30 CST, 8:30 UK, 9:30 western Europe, 4:30am Japan. Please tune in for this 'first ever' live Chinapainting web show.

Then that evening Chinapainting will take the stage at ABC NoRIo, a community arts and activism organization on the lower east side of Manhattan, at 8pm. Location is 156 Rivington and cost of admission is $5.

Come see us virtually and if in NYC at ABC NoRio.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

New video work and Ingenuity Fest

I recently finished a short video titled Independence that was produced for a Vimeo project challenging members to produce their spin on 'independence' and the 4th. This piece combines footage I shot on a recent trip to Maine as well as footage from fireworks on the eve of the 4th of July. As I stated in the video description independence runs from traditional to the frames of my kids on the cusp of teen years. The symbolistic wind chimes in the soundtrack ring the Liberty Bell as well as a sense of a ringing bouy marker on the north Maine coast.

And from a recent uStream webcast I culled out this oud performance. The room was poorly lit so in my final I incorporated a film filter in Final Cut to achieve an antique look and feel. The performance as much of all my work is these days was an improvisation.

Additionally trying to get over a cold this week that really socked my voice. Fortunately I don't sing perse as I'm teaming up with bandmate Daryl Shawn this weekend in Cleveland, OH, for the beginning of a series of 3 shows with our duo Chinapainting. We're performing in Cleveland's Ingenuity Fest this weekend. Ingenuity Fest is an annual festival that fuses art and technology. We're very excited to have been invited to be part of this year's festival. Chinapainting appears Saturday July 11th at 6pm at Halle Alley and Sunday July 12th at 2pm in the E Cafe. See the site for more info. If you're near Cleveland please do come out.



Saturday, July 4, 2009

New photographs and music musings

During the recent trip to Maine I did a number of detail composite photographs as well as collected some shells and 'departed sea life' which I made a series of still lives from. I've posted the series on Flickr at Maine Still Life.

Additionally for a recent job pitch I created a portfolio of some of those images with a shell necklace added as well as added some past images. The collection is Jewelry and Still Life.

Also I recently put together a new demo reel for my video editing pursuits, it's at Jim Goodin Demo Reel.

While 'playing my horn' I want to mention that my duo with Daryl Shawn Chinapainting reunites for 3 shows in July beginning next weekend (July 11/12) in Cleveland, OH, with two performances at Ingenuity Fest. We perform a 3rd show in NYC on July 19th at ABC NoRio.

Lastly lastly on the music front I did a surprise impromptu live webcast last night on Normally I have a bi-weekly series on uStream called Sunday Morning at 11. Due to travels and other things I had put it on hold for a bit but last night I just felt like playing to play. The playback is at Sunday Morning at 11 Friday Night at 10PM!

That's it for now...