Sunday, November 29, 2009

Recent online collaborations...

The discovery of the online software NinJam about 3 years ago introduced to me by friend and Chinapainting collaborator Daryl [Shawn] has led to some of the most fertile and adventurous musical growth in all my time.

Two recent happenings grown from a new online 'band'/collective still being dubbed but running vote is 'Dig It Signal' I've posted for listening (watching as they include the fine imagery of Emile Tobenfeld as well as band member Peter Thorn).

The most recent from last night began as a test offline session between 'Dig It Signal' member Jeff Duke and myself, turned into some great spontaneous 'noise' energy that we hit the Start Broadcast button and went live at @10:30pm EST for over an hour. It was a marvelous set - Jim Goodin & Jeff Duke - Music for a Saturday.

Last Sunday as part of my semi-biweekley live uStream series Sunday Morning at 11, we broadcast the first official show of the new collaboration 'Dig It Signal' encompassing 4 musicians from 3 different national locales (FL/NY) and 1 abroad (Sweden). Band members/textures are Peter Thorn (Sweden) saxophones/nyckelharpa/effects, Ray Istorico (Florida) electronic drums, Jeff Duke (Florida) guitar/oud/electronics and myself (NY) violin/oud/electronics. It was wonderful engaging inspired new beginning show that came frankly from 3 reincarnations, an initial collaboration between Peter and myself (soon to be documented in a CD release Sharps), friend Ray was added as part of the first official Virtual Sound & Vision festival that we took part on October 3rd and friend Jeff joined us for this first official show of 'Dig It Signal - Goodin/Thorn/Istorico/Duke.

My ongoing collaboration with friend/bandmate/mentor in a sense, Daryl Shawn, that began this whole wonderful NinJam experience that has even known 6 national tours traditionally live, Chinapainting, performed our 2nd live webcast on November 15th - Chinapainting Live on Sunday Morning at 11.

Stay tuned for more...

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