Sunday, June 28, 2009

Maine, yet

Last week my family and I returned to the downeast region of Maine, about midway up the Maine coast, to the island of Mount Desert, home of Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park. It was a place we almost moved several years ago and a place I hope I get the chance again. Though much more remote and rural certainly than the present world I'm in it's one of the most creatively stimulating places I've ever been. In the early 80's I was drawn there the first time when I went to nearby Rockport to study photography at the Maine Photographic Workshops. There was something so amazing about the light, the culture and texture of the land that just struck and inspired me. I went back two summers more to study further. When i moved to NY in the early 90's I got reconnected to the area.

During the recent trip I shot a ton of video and still images some posted here. In coming weeks I plan to produce a short film on the visit that will be posted on my Vimeo page.

With this visit once again I return to NY somewhat depressed, trying to separate the emotional content of being on vacation in a beautiful place and wait for the real feelings to surface. It is a special place and one I hope one day to call 'home'. Ciao for now.

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