Monday, June 1, 2009

Lose thoughts and other promotion

It's gearing up to be a busy week with many thoughts and feelings continuing. Musically as indicated in the past entry I've been listening a lot to past influences which is refreshing in a sense as for the last several years I've kind of just listened to myself and other projects that I'm involved in with other artists. In this return of a blend from Michael's [Hedges] last work perse, i mean other packaging has been released since his death but the alluded Torched the artist was working on up to his tragic death. So returning to Michael's music even his last has been inspiring and a friend recently sent me a wonderful documentary centered around interview/performance on Michael titled Michael Hedges the Artist's Profile. I was forwarded a download of this that I can't publish but did find this excerpt on YouTube, chances are the remainder is now there somewhere. Great piece and includes some of Michael's work with Michael Manring as well as stunning performance of JitterBoogie and a nice ending of Ragamuffin.

Additionally Ralph Towner I've been rediscovering and finding new inspiration from through a live solo concert captured several years ago and released on ECM, Towner's label then but not sure now. I found myself listening over and over again this past weekend to Ralph's interpretation of the John Abercrombie classic Timeless, a piece I covered a few years ago. Listening to Timeless has re-entergized me to either find this piece or influence my improvisations this week.

Catch where I go on that by tuning in this weekend to my live webcast on uStream, Sunday Morning at 11. My bi-weekly series is an @40 minute live performance featuring improvisations and compositions on guitar, fretless guitar and oud. Tune in at Show times are 11am EST, 8am PST, 4pm UK, 5pm Europe, Midnight Japan.

I began the live performances on uStream a few weeks ago and this Sunday June 7th will mark my 4th one. Though this virtual venue is not a complete substitute for traditional music venues it is an amazing opportunity that has 'arrived' now thanks to broadband and the ability to stream live video, so I see this as a wonderful opportunity added to my performance palette to perform for friends and new fans at places in the world I may not have the chance to go to. So please surf over/tune in to my show page URL,, this Sunday morning June 7th at 11am EST. To calculate the time in your exact location visit

Coming up this summer I'll have several shows with my music partner Daryl Shawn in our improvisational acoustic guitar based/cassette tape looping duo Chinapainting. We founded Chinapainting electronically in late 2006 when we met by chance through email via the looping experimental music community Loopers-Delight. After defining our music through Internet technology for 8 months we took Chinapainting live in the summer of 2007 with a series of shows in the northeast. We have continued since doing 2 shows nationally a year. This summer we're performing at the Ingenuity Festival in Cleveland, OH, on July 11/12, ABC Norio in NYC, July 19 and a tenative scheduled show in Philadelphia on July 24th.

I'm a member of the experimental music community CT-Collective and recently produced a CD for the community representing 16 int'l artists doing pieces of music created entirely from things commonly thrown away or retired after one use. The CD titled ReUse is amazing. Check it out at as well as on My Space at I'm participating as a composer/performer/interpretator in another CT-Collective CD inspired by minimalist composer Terry Riley's work In C, to be called In D.

Total blog sidebar, saw Star Trek this past weekend with my daughter, amazing! Both captured memories of the original series that I grew up with as well as took us on a wonderful story that was as captivating as the by gone series.

More to come... good week. Jim

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