Friday, April 27, 2012

Acoustic Guitar Renaissance, Color Blue, Repetitive Minimalism

Greetings.  I have not posted to this blog in a while largely as I have established another, actually a couple of blogs for my activities on Wordpress but still have kept this one as an archive.  It occured to me this AM that I should have some kind of directive for any who follow or happen on to this blog.  You can access my activities which include music and mobile app development at the following:

Jim Goodin, Acoustic Guitar Renaissance, Color Blue, Repetitive Minimalism

Two performances in May...

May 14th, 9pm, Goodbye Blue Monday Brooklyn/Bushwick, free

May 27th, 6pm, COMA series at ABC NoRio Lower East Side, NYC

You can occasionally catch me on weekends at Park Slope area subway stops as well.

I recently released a new digital distribution and solo CD, Jim Goodin - Burst From the Sky Take Flight

Wood and Wire Ware, mobile app development and publisher of Tips Across the Waters

Follow all my activities on Twitter at...

This blog will remain alive and I'll occasionally update.  Thanks for visiting/following.


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