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ImprovFriday - Threadin' the Needle, June 10-12, 2010

Another great weekend of creative work on the ImprovFriday thread this past recent weekend. Several new folks joining and some stepping out of their traditional way of working, using different instruments and techniques.

it was a huge 'turnout', mini reviews and links to check out follow.

Alexandra Marculewicz AdsheadCreepingAlexandra welcome to IF! Cool spontaneous 'Jon Hendriks' come Laura Anderson kind of vocal piece, reminds me too of Bay area Amy X Neuberg
Bruno DuplantWild GarlicAnother newcomer joined this past weekend, welcome Bruno! Splendid solo acoustic bass piece, traditional feel lotta bounce (later in thread I do live mash to this)
Bruno DuplantWhales & BirdsThis was amazing! Lycrical digeredoo like sounds, almost human.
Kate Shakespeare and Peter ThörnMoon SongAnd yet another newcomer, this one in the family of IF'er Peter Thörn who recruited his wife Kate to join us. Doing a mix of spiritual playful voice, both Kate and Peter and plucked instrument.
Kate Shakespeare and Peter ThörnTender is the LoveageMore density this time in the voices joined by sax and percussion sounds, more like living room session.
Adam Kondorand God SaysAdam immortalized me this week after catching a few moments of my live oud mini-set last Sunday morning. Nicely metallically manipulated here. Thx Adam.
Paul HertzCome Again?Long lost son of the last few weeks Paul Hertz rejoins us to bring his 'Sunday Go to Meeting' pipe sounds or better put 'Phantom of the Opera' pipe sounds back to IF. We are blessed Paul.
Alexandra Marculewicz Adshead, Ken Palmer, Bruce HamiltonCreeping EastAlexandra in collective now with other IF'er's in a more tribal rendering...
Paul BaileyMusic for Controllers IIPaul Bailey also been gone a few weeks returns with 'Music for Controllers II' following his earlier improv piece 'Music for Controllers'. Very Eno influence here as well as subtle Gary Neuman street beat to me.
Benjamin SmithBen Improv June 4 2010This has a piece of Ben's that's been posted previously I think but still quite wonderful, love the voice patch which sounds muted steel drums and thumb piano sound.
Benjamin SmithBen Improv June 7 2010Acoustic now, spacial spar slightly erratic slightly Monkesque stylings but always Ben.
Benjamin SmithBen Improv June 9 2010Acoustic continues, more dark, more reflective, more lower colour..
Glenn WeyantSTE-001It continues to be return time at IF which is nice. Glenn I don't think has contributed in recent weekends and he has joined this weekend producing his range of experimental strings. This one lots of low end dense cello(?) drones and an exploring violin on top.
J.C. Combs, Thomas Bjørnseth & Jérôme PoirierWill It Rain During the Fireworks ?Twin piano's sounding somewhat prepared or plucked and viola/cello weaving throughout this mash.
Bruno Duplant & Jim GoodinWild Garlic IINot to review my own here but this is a piece of Bruno's that I was intrigued by, lined up in Audacity and 'live mashed' to on the oud. Good low end bouncy tones from Bruno.
Shane W. CadmanPiece061110Shane continues to bring in surprise elements last two threads. Last time acoustic guitar and this time acoustic piano which we've had several on the 88's this time around. Lovely textures throughout this piece ring Shane's combination of darkness and beauty.
Jim Goodin & Gérald DeGrootePassion Is To DenyAgain not to review my own but Gerald added some excellent fretless bass to this ambient improv I did. Lyric content to this piece was paraphrased from the book 'Conversations with God' by Neale D Walsch. Gerald thanks for your musical inventiviness here
Steve Layton with Paul HertzInventio Canzicrans featuring Paul HertzWith Paul Hertz wonderful organ return to this thread Steve added his complementary inventiveness Paul's cavernous weavings. Thinking the Mysterious Baracades piece here.
Alexandra Marculewicz Adshead/Lee NoyesCreeping RushesIF newcomer vocalist improviser Alexandra is joined by the master of 'space' and 'found' sounds.
Benjamin Smith/Lee Noyes12 June 2010Space between the notes and randomness intertwine like Pollock!
Lee NoyesLine Input Electronics - 12 VI 10Very cool, oscillations and frequency manipulations, like balloons leaking air at times and digital glitching, a canvas of pulse!
Alexandra Marculewicz Adshead & Gerald DeGrooteCreeping and MoreAnother improvisation response to Alexandra's vocal muse, this time by fretless bassist Gerald DeGroote weaving 'Jaco' like tones throughout.
James RossDead BirdsCircling vultures and wastelands, James paints a tonal scape with spare linear and knarly tones.
Steve MoshierJailhouse RockElvis in a Bill frisell suit. Love this.
Steve MoshierAbandoned ShipBermuda Triangle, Sargasso Sea all in
one here.
Jeff FairbanksBaldy's CrumbsGreat deal of playfulness yet depth in Jeff's orchestrations.
Joseph Benzola and Benjamin SmithAll This and MoreMashing of two introspective masters...
Norbert OldaniTiger tiger Burning Bright in the Forest at NightLovely requim open seguing to ice
crystals in a playful Pooh way.
Norbert OldaniElectronic Keyboard ImprovisationsClusters that ring modern and tradition.
Bruce HamiltonPerpetuoPensive, hammered dulcimer like.
Bruce HamiltonIssuesPlucked strings and 'noize'.
Bruce HamiltonWhatReflective and Evanish.
Bruce HamiltonThisCutting through.
Bruce HamiltonExciter (feat. Thomas Bjørnseth, Steve Layton, Jeff Duke & Pseudo)Pristine sounding piano over UsIt's 'space' density.

Bruce HamiltonCircle Forward (feat. Steve Layton, Paul Muller, Roger Sundström)Paul's 'reichish' driving piano layered with film score textures of Steve and Roger.

Ken PalmerFacing EastReally nice orchestaration sugar plum fairy images.
Thomas BjørnsethIF June 11 2010Machine gun like piano lines with sections of dense chordal color.
Joseph BenzolaPiano ImprovNice surprise from Joseph, stepping down from his drummers chair and sharing his reflective inspired piano passion.
Steve LaytonKosmomikros 1Bartok like piano influence here, detailed, delicate, technical.
Steve LaytonKosmomikros 2Continuing ...
Steve LaytonPastpresenfuture (feat. Roger Sundström, Jérôme Poirier, JC Combs, Steve Moshier)Manic but great mash here between Jerome's playful cabaret style vocal, JC's atmospheric and Steve and Roger 'watching the dark'.
Steve LaytonThe Dark Park by Moonlight (feat. Steve Layton, Glenn Weyant, Roger Sundström, James Ross, Peter Thörn, Kate Shakespeare)Spooky and dense, Glenn's violin cuts through neat and really neat harmonic change when Kate's voice arrives.
Steve LaytonFurther Journey (feat. Benjamin Smith, Shane Cadman, Jeff Duke, Gaetano Fontanazza, Roger Sundström)Indeed...
Steve LaytonWatching the Other ShoreAlways being the giving spirit around IF, good to hear you 'alone' Steve. A nice look from the other shore.
Steve LaytonThe Fool on the Hill (feat. Jim Goodin, Jérôme Poirier, Roger Sundström, Steve Moshier, Bruce Hamilton)Paradoxical journey from the opening voice street beat antics overlaying my single note lines to the contrast changes as Roger, Steve and Bruce drums and synth patches enter.
Steve LaytonVine and Leaf (feat. Paul Bailey, Glenn Weyant, Steve Layton, Alexandra Marculewicz Adshead, Norbert Oldani)Tubular like going through a tunnel late a night in a car, Alexandra's voice enters perhaps on the radio...
Steve LaytonPiano Cabal (feat. Bruce Hamilton, Roger Sundström, Steve Layton, Shane Cadman, Benjamin Smith, Paul Muller, Thomas Bjørnseth, Norbert Oldani)Walking through the halls of Steinway after midnight.
Steve LaytonMotet (feat. Bruno Duplant, Kate Shakespeare, Peter Thörn, Jim Goodin, Alex Marculewicz Adshead, Jérôme Poirier)The web says madrigal with 4 voices which speaks true here, neat harmonic interplay with Bruno's definitive bass locking in and Kate's closing voice.
Steve LaytonRemembering Memory (feat. J.C. Combs x2, Lee Noyes)Jungle at night as the
critters are going to sleep, a voice on a passing riverboat as a train passes (don't wake the critters yikes!)
UsIt (Gaetano Fontanzza and Jeff Duke)Ambient AndroidCommunication, space, radio telescope dialog, is there life... these are the voyages of the starship Enterprise...
UsIt (Gaetano Fontanzza and Jeff Duke)BullseyeggJust hanging, like the stars, like mobiles in a museum late at night before the paintings come alive. Good work you too. A band is forming.
Paul MullerIF061110My favorite Paul Muller place Steve Reich all the way.
Jérôme PoirierPlace CarréeDifferent trip for Jerome, like he got near Jukka last time (grins). Cool as the voices enter...
Jérôme PoirierThursday at NoonPlayful jon hendricks like, great counterplay in the guitar Jérôme.
Roger "ErocNet" SundströmEroc DrummingClearly 'outside' himself this week, finding his
way with new textures, totally 'free' on this one.
Roger "ErocNet" SundströmEroc Drumming 2Voice like sounds emerging, hearing Lee Noyes influence
Roger "ErocNet" SundströmMusic Box in JuniSpareness and space plucked music box(?).
Roger "ErocNet" SundströmKey the SawLovely decay in the saw and it's bending tones. For some reason I'm thinking it would be neat to see this piece somehow scored out as notation and performed by the 'serious' music crowd...
Roger "ErocNet" SundströmCreeping Free Jazz (feat. Alexandra Marculewicz Adshead, Steve Layton, Paul Bailey, Kate Shakespeare and Peter Thörn)Love the layering and the Jurasic Park sounds with alexandra's vx emerging.
Roger "ErocNet" SundströmQx33N (feat. Lee Noyes, J.C. Combs, Alexandra Marculewicz Adshead)Wow!
Roger "ErocNet" SundströmWhales, Birds and Water (feat. Bruno DuPlant)Great cerebral mash btwn newcomer Duplant on acoustic bass and Roger's efx.
J.C. CombsEulogy for a CrowSomberness and killer editing.
J.C. CombsMelankolyFloating freeform ambiance spinet.
J.C. CombsTrip to Edmonds BeachWonderfully recorded environmental and creative editing, great trains.
Peter ThörnDead Birds, a spontaneous response (feat. James Ross)Great weave between James raw linear lines and Pete's wailin' sax.


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