Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Catching up

Though I maintain updates on Twitter and Facebook I"m behind at posting to my home blog so trying to catch up with this post. Several thoughts beginning with a couple of September projects.

September is my birth month and as part of I'm doing a solo improvisational oud piece for each day, capturing a spontaneous 2 to 3 minutes live to Internet webcam posting to YouTube. The series is on my YouTube channel at JimGoodinMusic.

Also this month in support of my daughter (13) a Type 1 diabetic since age 8, we are taking part as we do each year in one of the New York area Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Walk for the Cure walks. You can support our family's involvement in this great need by going to Callie's Crusade for the Cure to donate online.

As part of the JDRF campaign I am doing a special collaborative music recording with a fellow musician living in Sweden named Peter Thorne. Peter is also a diabetic and as I am the father of a diabetic child, I felt I wanted to record a body of work with diabetes as the thread of the muse. Peter and I collaborate through Internet technology which allows to interact musically live to each other's 'voice' capturing the results to our computer hard drive. The results will be lightly edited and released as 8 to 10 individual pieces and released near month's end under the title, Sharps. We're going to make the project purchaseable as a digital download through Bandcamp.com. A physical CD will also be made. Proceeds from this effort will be donated to JDRF as part of this year's Walk for the Cure.

I do a bi-weekly webcast on uStream.tv on Sunday mornings as schedule permits featuring myself in an hour of my improvisational World experimental solo instrumentals and textured loops. The live series is called Sunday Morning at 11 and originates at 11am EST from my home in New York.

Several members of a web music community known as Loopers-Delight are doing similiar webcasts each month. We have all banded together to put on the very first Web based live music festival called the Virtual Vision and Sound Festival and it will take place for a great portion of the day, October 3rd, 2009. The actual artist roster and set times are still in finalization however beginning mid-day there will be live performances viewable through the Internet using Adobe Flash streaming technology that is now being supported through sites like uStream and Justin. For schedule updates and festival news please visit Virtual Vision and Sound over the next few weeks.

Daryl Shawn and I will be hitting the west coast road again next month with our Chinapainting duo, an acoustic guitar based/cassette tape looping duo, that we founded in fall of 2006. We'll be playing 3 shows as the duo and 1 show solo/duo in northern and southern California, October 15-18. Visit our Chinapainting on My Space for the our official calendar.

That's it for this post, peace out.

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